Bed & Show

The Port of Valparaíso has historically been a striking source of non-stopping changes and bohemia. This vertigo of passers-by doesn’t disrupt us. We rather take part of this incessant movement by hosting cultural events and fostering local artists and entrepreneurs. Those activities include wine tastings, one-day tours to Casablanca’s vineyards, concerts with emerging bands, exhibitions of young painters, organic producer’s fairs among others. All of it is open to local community in order to create a real connection between our guests and city’s residents.

Art GalleryFoto Chica Obra de Arte

Throughout our corridors and walls a number of prominent artists have left their print. From Loro Coiron, the French engraver who found in Valparaíso his new home to the Santiago’s street-art duet Un Kolor Distinto, who display a 30 meters-tall graffiti ten minutes walking from the hostel. Also, the painter and cartoon creator Leonardo Formusa from Italy, whose World Map embellishes our Dining Room and Rodrigo Godoy….In Nómada Eco Hostel you face art at each little corner. Each piece of this house tells a history that you are welcomed to know.


We often held workshops with our associated local entrepreneurs in order to present to our guests how vibrant is life in Valparaíso. We also aim to generate a positive impact on local community by adding value to residents through our business. We have realised workshops on multiple subjects like recycling, organic gardening, photography, silk-screen and tastings of tea, artisanal beers, wine and mead.


Events halls

If you need a place with the best location in town, in a safe neighborhood, with all the necessary infrastructure to host your event, reach us. Nómada Eco Hostel rents its space if you need to host a business meeting, a workshop, a cultural event or simply a barbecue with your friends. We have a hall that is able to attend approximately 25 people, an appealing terrace, cutlery and dishes, TV and all the necessary items so your event can be a hit.